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Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Time can be defined in different ways because it is treated as a valuable part for every field, Definition of time depends on treatment of time in different fields. But one common definition for time can be-

“Time is unit which is used as a measurement for completing any task”.

As we all know that Time is included in every aspect of life so there is no need to describe about importance of time because its importance can’t be ignored. In this competitive world if we want to put our hand up then we should give more importance while performing any task or work.

Time is independent unit means it is not depend on any other unit, even we are performing the task or not but Time will be continued. We can stop our work but Time can’t wait for us, it is a continuous running unit.

Importance of Time-

Importance of time can’t be described because it is not limited and the thing which is not limited that is uncountable like stars. But importance of Time can be understood very easily. If we want to know the importance of Time then-

Ask to the person, who could not catch the train because of 1 minute late.
Ask to the person, who lost Olympic medal because of 1 millisecond.

In first case-

Suppose we have planned for journey then for that we have to start our preparation before 2 or 3 days (if it is planned journey). After completing all our preparation now we have to start our journey but we started late to catch the train and we could not catch the train because of some minutes late then what is the meaning of our preparation which has done by us before 2 or 3 days, these will be waste.

Means maintaining synchronization between work and Time is necessary till last.

In second case-

We all know that what are Olympic Games, and what a glorious thing if a person wins a medal in Olympic Games. Only for this many of the people give complete concentration towards Olympic Games.

Suppose a person started preparing for race in Olympic Games, for whole year he has done well but because of some condition he could not get medal in Olympic Games because other person managed time well compare to this person so whatever the effort spent by this person will be waste.

Like these there are many persons who can tell us importance of time. If we are relating Time with work then Time plays important role in every phase of work either in starting or in ending Time should be maintained.


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